#CallJustice4Peace is an initiative aimed at improving the relationship between law enforcement officers and the communities of color they serve. Launched by Bounce TV in partnership with The Root, this campaign calls on the Department of Justice to make de-escalation training a requirement of all local law enforcement receiving federal funding and equipment.

    “We arm our police with weapons but we need to do better at arming them with the teaching and training on how they approach situations involving African Americans and how to de-escalate them. This is not an indictment of all police personnel, just an element within a group of people who have difficult, challenging and stressful jobs. Our police protect and serve all Americans and all of them need to approach each and every situation with the same sense of civility. We must do all we can to help them with committed sensitivity training and work towards eliminating the implicit bias that is at the heart of the matter.” -Martin Luther King, III

    Take action today by contacting the Department of Justice at (202) 514-4609. Encourage Washington to make de-escalation training mandatory for any local law enforcement agency receiving federal support.

    Use the official hashtag